Lisa Daigle-Farney

Site Office Manager

lisadf2As an employee of CCV for twenty two years, I must say it was quite a ride. The best part was working with my first partner Kathi Rousselle. Kathi and I worked in a small office with plaid linoleum and liquid toner in the copier.  That was 1980.  We were so excited when we got a hand me down Selectric typewriter.  Now, we were high tech!  We worked hard and laughed a lot.  I recall years of working on the course list with Kathi, staying late to enter all the data, selling textbooks out of our office and putting together pot lock teacher orientations.   I feel fortunate to have seen the growth at CCV and continue to support CCV in the current work I do.   I met so many amazing people at CCV and still have a strong connection with the organization.  My work at CCV prepared me to continue to work in education with many students who are not able to succeed in the traditional manner.   I thank Tim Donovan for my career move and the rich experiences I have had since leaving CCV.   I could mention many people at CCV who I admire and respect but I think you know who you are.

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