Ray Lambert

CCV Faculty, first Academic Coordinator in Bennington Academic Center
September 20, 2013

CCV in Bennington had no building site when it began in the early 1980s.  It began at 324 Silver Street, my residence, and the phone number was my home phone number.   As I recall, Tim Donovan from the CCV offices in jlambertMontpelier called me to ask if I would be willing to be the Bennington CCV coordinator.  It was the last week in August.

Fall courses were to begin within two weeks.  What were the courses to be?  We decided that introductory computer courses might be appropriate.  Within a week there were newly 40 students enrolled so it was necessary to create two course sections.  Who was the instructor to be?  That had not really occurred to us.  So I contacted, Danny Kane, the computer instructor at Mount Anthony Union high school who willingly agreed to teach the two course sections.  That was the beginning of CCV in Bennington.

After three semesters someone else became the coordinator in Bennington at a site which was on Main Street in a one room setting.  Courses were taught at Mount Anthony Union High School.  Later on CCV offices and some classrooms were set up above the Chittenden Bank building at Putnam Square in Bennington.  After that the current Site at 324 Main Street was rented and subsequently purchased and refurbished.  So the beginning and continuation of CCV in Bennington was at 324.  It’s an historic number in CCV history.

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